json-c  0.12
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json_util.h File Reference


#define JSON_FILE_BUF_SIZE   4096


struct json_objectjson_object_from_file (const char *filename)
int json_object_to_file (const char *filename, struct json_object *obj)
int json_object_to_file_ext (const char *filename, struct json_object *obj, int flags)
int json_parse_int64 (const char *buf, int64_t *retval)
int json_parse_double (const char *buf, double *retval)
const char * json_type_to_name (enum json_type o_type)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define JSON_FILE_BUF_SIZE   4096

Function Documentation

struct json_object* json_object_from_file ( const char *  filename)
int json_object_to_file ( const char *  filename,
struct json_object obj 
int json_object_to_file_ext ( const char *  filename,
struct json_object obj,
int  flags 
int json_parse_double ( const char *  buf,
double *  retval 
int json_parse_int64 ( const char *  buf,
int64_t *  retval 
const char* json_type_to_name ( enum json_type  o_type)

Return a string describing the type of the object. e.g. "int", or "object", etc...