printbuf.h File Reference

Data Structures

struct  printbuf


#define printbuf_memappend_fast(p, bufptr, bufsize)
#define printbuf_length(p)   ((p)->bpos)


struct printbufprintbuf_new (void)
int printbuf_memappend (struct printbuf *p, const char *buf, int size)
int printbuf_memset (struct printbuf *pb, int offset, int charvalue, int len)
int sprintbuf (struct printbuf *p, const char *msg,...)
void printbuf_reset (struct printbuf *p)
void printbuf_free (struct printbuf *p)

Define Documentation

#define printbuf_length (  )     ((p)->bpos)
#define printbuf_memappend_fast ( p,
bufsize   ) 
do {                                                         \
  if ((p->size - p->bpos) > bufsize) {                       \
    memcpy(p->buf + p->bpos, (bufptr), bufsize);             \
    p->bpos += bufsize;                                      \
    p->buf[p->bpos]= '\0';                                   \
  } else {  printbuf_memappend(p, (bufptr), bufsize); }      \
} while (0)

Function Documentation

void printbuf_free ( struct printbuf p  ) 
int printbuf_memappend ( struct printbuf p,
const char *  buf,
int  size 
int printbuf_memset ( struct printbuf pb,
int  offset,
int  charvalue,
int  len 

Set len bytes of the buffer to charvalue, starting at offset offset. Similar to calling memset(x, charvalue, len);

The memory allocated for the buffer is extended as necessary.

If offset is -1, this starts at the end of the current data in the buffer.

struct printbuf* printbuf_new ( void   )  [read]
void printbuf_reset ( struct printbuf p  ) 
int sprintbuf ( struct printbuf p,
const char *  msg,
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