json-c  0.15
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 o*arraylist.hInternal methods for working with json_type_array objects. Although this is exposed by the json_object_get_array() method, it is not recommended for direct use
 o*json.hA convenience header that may be included instead of other individual ones
 o*json_c_version.hMethods for retrieving the json-c version
 o*json_inttypes.hDo not use, json-c internal, may be changed or removed at any time
 o*json_object.hCore json-c API. Start here, or with json_tokener.h
 o*json_object_iterator.hAn API for iterating over json_type_object objects, styled to be familiar to C++ programmers. Unlike json_object_object_foreach() and json_object_object_foreachC(), this avoids the need to expose json-c internals like lh_entry
 o*json_pointer.hJSON Pointer (RFC 6901) implementation for retrieving objects from a json-c object tree
 o*json_tokener.hMethods to parse an input string into a tree of json_object objects
 o*json_types.hBasic types used in a few places in json-c, but you should include "json_object.h" instead
 o*json_util.hMiscllaneous utility functions and macros
 o*json_visit.hMethods for walking a tree of objects
 o*linkhash.hInternal methods for working with json_type_object objects. Although this is exposed by the json_object_get_object() function and within the json_object_iter type, it is not recommended for direct use
 \*printbuf.hInternal string buffer handing. Unless you're writing a json_object_to_json_string_fn implementation for use with json_object_set_serializer() direct use of this is not recommended